Avengers Endgame : The Worst Movie?
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  • Ranajit Pratinidhi
    Ranajit Pratinidhi

    Video is also 4.20 mins long

  • Tess Land
    Tess Land

    Love how Leah is just a bee

  • João Victor S.
    João Victor S.

    Hulk did eat more than one taco off screen you idiot. Seriously, the lack of understanding of film making is what hurts dunkey as a critic the most, that's why I stopped listening to this guy.

  • Nishen Perera
    Nishen Perera

    Alternate Title : Life of a Taco fanboy

  • Vsauce13

    What if Antman had already eaten one or two tacos offscreen.

  • Shikhar Uniyal
    Shikhar Uniyal


  • Rawr Dino
    Rawr Dino

    Who is Paul rudd

  • Vincent Turco
    Vincent Turco

    I bet all my copies of Gex and Knack that 99% of the dislikes are from people who read the title and didn’t watch the video

  • Edwin Fogel
    Edwin Fogel

    Anybody know the music at the end?

  • 34abub021

    My favorite dunkey vid

  • SavageJarJar

    I agree. It was the worst Avengers movie.

    • Tracark

      I know right. Paul Horrible taco acting makes this the worst avengers movie

  • eyad Moied
    eyad Moied

    I really want to know more about dunkey's utopia

  • saucé

    funny review, thank you donsel

  • Preskynet

    I want tacos now, brb

  • ㅤ

    This is making me realise that avengers movies don't matter on the action, but the TACOS

  • Mr. Miyagi
    Mr. Miyagi

    I really want Paul Rudd to see this

  • Chiboy

    anyone know the outro music?

  • Akasuna

    2:40 his Paul Rudd laugh 😂

  • lity fity
    lity fity



    Avengers: Taco game

  • Asteroid

    is this is a troll channel?

    • Rishav Ganguly
      Rishav Ganguly

      It is very serious. 1 taco is not enough

    • Linus Overy-Smith
      Linus Overy-Smith

      Bruh this is obviously a joke, nobody is this nitpicky

    • TaxEvader

      Not the whole channel but this vid is a joke

    • chingas

      not a troll just makes a lot of satire videos, it's pretty obvious tbh

    • legend loli
      legend loli

      sometimes his satire are hard to recognise

  • Maxon Wolf
    Maxon Wolf

    Why is there elebits/eledees music

  • Bread_

    I’ve never been to taco bell

  • Griffin Gillen
    Griffin Gillen

    Dunkey is such a horrible critic. He spelled “aaaaaaaaaasssss” wrong in the Scorsese quote, with to many Ss and not enough As. This is why Dunkey should stick to his comedy videos, he’s terrible with legitimate critique.

  • Mojinn

    i think you might be looking at this the wrong way dunkey. Look at Antmans meal, there's lettuce, cheese, and other taco leftovers, hinting towards the fact that hes eaten 1, or maybe even 2 tacos before the scene takes place. A beautiful way of showing, without telling.

  • eoghaner2k10

    Omg that’s the super rub a dub music

  • demarchiordie

    "hulk is a much better actor than antman" this line is underrated

  • Maxwell Kowal
    Maxwell Kowal

    For everyone wondering, yes, this is essentially a troll

    • Seen

      Nonono it's a legitimate critique on proper taco etiquette

    • She Ll
      She Ll

      Nobody thinks this is serious. Literally Nobody except for 7 year olds

    • Surjay

      @Maxwell Kowal exactly. It’s not a troll tho

    • Maxwell Kowal
      Maxwell Kowal

      @thejaeger You're right, it's a joke. No person seriously uses tacos as a method of criticism

    • thejaeger

      It’s not a troll

  • Zach C
    Zach C

    I put off watching endgame until april 2021 and i didnt watch this for fear of spoilers Fuck you paul rudd

  • William Chen
    William Chen

    at 1:40, I realized, oh we're just gonna talk about the taco

  • Cr Zero
    Cr Zero

    fair point

  • Warden

    I thought this video was a review for Endgame. I was wrong. This was cleverly disguised as a Taco review

  • Michael Wilson
    Michael Wilson

    Used to love this movie - now I hate it. Thanks Paul.

  • Hzzkat Perinion
    Hzzkat Perinion

    Video about taco's.its dunkey being dunkey

  • Wil Bourke
    Wil Bourke

    Avengers: Paul Rudd eats a fucking Taco!

  • ShaShock

    You made me hungry, piss off.

  • Glctc Thnkr
    Glctc Thnkr

    I didn’t believe that Martin Scorsese quote at the beginning until I sorted the comments by new

  • Rais Hills
    Rais Hills

    Never doubted Marty for one second

  • Iboraj

    Dunkey you stupid idiot. Hulk has a whole Duffel bag on his waist, obviously it's filled with tacos. Everyone knows from the lore that Hulk never carries bags, so the only thing it could be in there is more tacos


    Stfu and sit cause you are not an actor , you don't know about acting

    • Linus Overy-Smith
      Linus Overy-Smith

      Bruh how obvious should this be for you m8?

    • chingas

      when you can't see blatant satire

    • ÆƧËY

      @Surjay probably a 5 year old that got on their mom’s phone

    • Surjay

      Man how old are u


      @thejaeger why don't you shut uppp

  • Jotaro Kujo
    Jotaro Kujo

    Thanos îs angry because he has never had a taco.

  • JW Grimey
    JW Grimey

    Dunkman with the teflon take

  • Mohamad Mawla
    Mohamad Mawla

    wtf is going on in this video

    • Linus Overy-Smith
      Linus Overy-Smith

      Valid criticism

  • TheMoonkey

    After getting severe food poisoning from Taco Bell it’s hard to go back to this video

  • Kai DeBlasio
    Kai DeBlasio

    3:21 Hulk hands him 2 tacos but it turns into 1 taco when the camera angle changes! I wouldn't have noticed this flaw without you.

  • We Crazy Few And a Baby
    We Crazy Few And a Baby

    I dont think those quotes are real....lol

    • Gatlin Pea
      Gatlin Pea

      @We Crazy Few And a Baby yeah bro same lol

    • We Crazy Few And a Baby
      We Crazy Few And a Baby

      @Gatlin Pea dam now my minds blown lol

    • Gatlin Pea
      Gatlin Pea

      they are... lol

    • PostDuct

      Man, nice job getting the joke.

  • Marky Marc Perry
    Marky Marc Perry

    Tacology Marvel, get real, ok?!!! *tisk tisk*

  • Marky Marc Perry
    Marky Marc Perry

    So Videogamedunky, why don"t you like Avengers Endgame? a) Tony, Steve,and Nat DIE b) Too EMOTIONAL or c) Taco logic

    • Linus Overy-Smith
      Linus Overy-Smith

      @Surjay E) I'm pretty sure they got the joke

    • Surjay

      D) it’s a joke

  • V man
    V man

    He's not wrong, I was huge into marvel but then I just started losing interest in it specially after age of Ultron. Idk man feels like these movies got nothing but just big budget CGI stuff which only thing making them look cool.

    • Linus Overy-Smith
      Linus Overy-Smith

      Something tells me you didn't watch the video

  • Jake Velasco
    Jake Velasco

    This whole video is just Paul Rudd and Hulk having one taco.


      Thats the joke

  • adam a
    adam a

    is that Fzero mute city at the end

  • Tackitt

    Seriously though. The movie was ass.

    • Tracark

      I know right, horrible taco acting

  • Test Mail
    Test Mail

    Watch zach synders justice League that was a fucking masterpiece.

    • SAMR

      @ManMan it fucking sucks Lack of tacos

    • Linus Overy-Smith
      Linus Overy-Smith

      @ManMan then it fucking sucked

    • ManMan

      @Linus Overy-Smith no, there is a considerable lack of tacos

    • Linus Overy-Smith
      Linus Overy-Smith

      Did they eat reasonable amounts of tacos in it?

  • Dale Gabriel Tan
    Dale Gabriel Tan

    I feel bad for the 6 thousand people that completely missed the joke and only read the title.

  • Mark Natanawan
    Mark Natanawan

    *Martin Scorsese trashes Marvel* Marvel: ..... *Dunkey starts trashing Marvel* Marvel: now this is an avengers level threat

  • Rudyburnez

    Is this really 4 minutes of taco analytics

  • Mike Kabooble
    Mike Kabooble

    Hulk is also carrying a bag which probably contains tacos.

  • Ellie G
    Ellie G

    I just can't get over the fact that hulk hands him 2 tacos but in the next shot antman has one taco and hulks hand is empty

  • Meme Dank
    Meme Dank


  • Marlon

    The private tempo characteristically fence because forehead terminally balance regarding a green grey grieving community. hesitant, rich save

  • Inferno Buster
    Inferno Buster


  • Robin Shea 1
    Robin Shea 1

    He could have already eaten multiple tacos

  • deadbug

    I whole heartedly agree

  • イレギュラーハンター北岡霊人

    The answer is Yes, Worst movie. Best what I ever seen is tacos around. lol

  • Pwnslyer

    420 perfection

  • Raptyrn

    6.1k people only read the title

  • George Costanza
    George Costanza

    It's scary how many people there are who saw this video and thought dunkey was being serious

  • Nolan A.
    Nolan A.

    Ant man, more like can't man.

  • Max Dunn
    Max Dunn

    Donkey has a point

  • ice2cold

    first time ever seeing someone use super rubadub music

  • TheAmazingYoshi

    Listen, Hulk originally had 8 tacos, 4 in each hand. He was eating 4 inside, where in which he sees poor Paul Rudd lose his taco (singular), where in which he notices he has four tacos left. He can’t sustain himself on 5 tacos, but he can on 6, and he knows Paul Rudd’s metabolism is smaller than most because he can turn into an ant, so he gives him two. Turns out, they were filming the whole time

  • Khem Ram
    Khem Ram

    This guy have a point

  • Kamen Rider Zo
    Kamen Rider Zo

    The story are stagnant storyline

  • Bruce

    I don't know if I can keep watching if you post this progressive propoganda. First, we'll have taco preservation. Then we'll have socialism and no more homeless people. What a nightmare.

  • Iftikhar Ahmad
    Iftikhar Ahmad

    *Man its just a taco*

    • Linus Overy-Smith
      Linus Overy-Smith

      *Man that's the joke of the video*

  • Adam Nielson
    Adam Nielson

    I don't like the way this title will affect my recommendations. Lol

  • Kazuo Sasaki
    Kazuo Sasaki

    Not sure if that's Paul Rudd or Niel Drunkman

  • Andrew Warnock
    Andrew Warnock

    I just realized the first actor he said was in Avengers endgame

  • Toshiro Gago
    Toshiro Gago

    I like how he only talked about a single scene rather than the entire movie. Seems like you did enjoy the movie, eh? No need to lie, Endgame was hype as hell especially when you watched it on the cinema. It felt like a concert lmao

    • Linus Overy-Smith
      Linus Overy-Smith

      Mate, tacos are a big deal Also you clearly missed the joke

    • insomina 2233
      insomina 2233

      one scene is enough to ruin the entire movie

    • Nate L
      Nate L

      Congrats, you missed the joke!

    • Ben Ward
      Ben Ward


  • ThePlanMan

    This is very insightful. My entire view of Marvel has been changed. I'm cancelling my Disney plus account now

  • Stephen Ratliff
    Stephen Ratliff

    This was just incredible analysis

  • Elijah

    0:04 there she is

  • Raphael

    I mean he's not wrong, Antman could've shrunk and eaten the taco.

  • Tony’s Pizza
    Tony’s Pizza

    I think he likes burritos

    • SAMR

      @popbob nah ice Cause ice is nice

    • popbob

      Nah pizza

  • Caca Rot
    Caca Rot

    I just watched end game and the first video ISdowns recommended me was this.😱 Stop spying on me! 😭

  • Jasperion

    SPOILERS I want to know what he thinks of Ralph Bohner in WandaVision

  • Lord Lordington of Awesomeshire
    Lord Lordington of Awesomeshire

    This video is only missing a Mac and Me clip.

  • Marlon Perez
    Marlon Perez

    Dunkey what are your thoughts on Christopher Nolan’s films. Would like to see a comedy or serious review!

  • snrub zy
    snrub zy

    This was the origin of drama Monday

  • Andrew Warnock
    Andrew Warnock

    Avengers Endgame is NOT the Worst Movie

    • Linus Overy-Smith
      Linus Overy-Smith

      Did you watch the video?

    • Andrew Warnock
      Andrew Warnock

      @Benjy M I just realized the first actor he said was in Avengers endgame

    • Nate L
      Nate L

      @Tracark Someone ring the idiot alarm

    • Veer Shah
      Veer Shah


    • Tracark

      @Benjy M what? The actors are good

  • Spab Family
    Spab Family

    I like to think Antman already gorged himself on his taco, and was eating his last one

  • GoLe

    Finally, someone speaking truth, I knew Disney couldn't buy your voice, opinion and review Dunk.

  • Boogerbong Bootycplap
    Boogerbong Bootycplap

    If ant man shrink do the taco shrink 2??m

    • emayex


  • Luka Chance
    Luka Chance

    the dislikes are paul rudd making accounts.

  • Hatchet Ghost
    Hatchet Ghost

    To be fair, it looked like Hulk was carrying 4 tacos, so like if he gave two to ant man it’d be disgraceful yet ideal because not only is he giving away his tacos to someone who doesn’t have tacos he still will have two, meaning they’ll both have a mediocre amount of tacos. I like Taco Bell, sucks there’s none where I live and the only time I had some was when I was in Florida around Halloween about a year ago before COVID hit, it was pretty good I had like 4 tacos and it was awesome. I also had a nice lemonade with it as well because I like tart drinks so it was really tasty, not like that sweet lemonade that some people like, I mean people can like sweet lemonade but I don’t.

  • Ryan S
    Ryan S

    In all seriousness this movie was like my toilet bowl after eating a 12 pack of tacos from taco bell all by myself.

  • Walter Edwards
    Walter Edwards

    The whole video was rather nitpicky and biased but you closed with some very compelling statements

  • Devasta The Seeker
    Devasta The Seeker

    Let's be real though. Infinity war was a better movie than endgame

    • Darío

      I thought infinity war was way better than endgame, because I thought time travel kinda ruined the movie

    • Arshdeep Rai
      Arshdeep Rai

      It was but tbh but I liked the way endgame happened . They honestly could’ve messed up the ending but it was a good ending and a good way to wrap up events

  • Magix_

    Anyone know the song at the end?

  • Cyfe