Re-apologizing to Dream
I feel so dumb over this whole thing.

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  • Obi-Wan Kenobi
    Obi-Wan Kenobi

    A wise man once said than then everything's sarcastic, nothing is.

  • Evangeliman

    I have no idea what this Is about... who the fuck is dream?

  • empirial v2
    empirial v2

    This drama has more layers than onions

  • Salis

    He isn't even subscribed to dunkey fake fan smh

  • AlphaSeagull

    videogamedunkey created his channel sarcastically

  • David Garcia-Ramos
    David Garcia-Ramos

    Does anyone know what song is playing in the background?

  • Shafi Muhammad
    Shafi Muhammad

    Guys we have to admit he's a gamer he know how to play sonic the hedgehog

  • lowlandrogue

    Remember when it was just an ironic joke that Dunkey was done making good videos?

  • Fancy Pants
    Fancy Pants


  • Fancy Pants
    Fancy Pants

    You should join dreamsmp that would be sooo funnnyy

  • Kingmartin FTW
    Kingmartin FTW

    Dunkey that song was made so people would stop hating on him for cheating. He made a song saying that he’s all depressed and shit so people would go back on his side, (smh)

  • Gavin Johnson
    Gavin Johnson

    I did some research and learned that dream has made millions off oh his lie of a channel. By research I mean a google

  • Skuly Boy
    Skuly Boy

    For people who don’t know the majority of this video is also sarcastic

  • Scoobleblablebly

    Why is it that the thumbnails of Dunkeys Dream videos, green red blue and pink, perfectly align with Lupin the Third's Jacket colors throughout the years?

  • Pastykake

    The video with the "normal pills" was by Dream?

  • Heinz Ketchup
    Heinz Ketchup

    You know what, maybe this dream guy aint too bad after all. Maybe, cheating in a kids game shouldn't get you wiped off the face of the earth. Maybe, this doesn't really matter, or maybe.... joe mama

  • X2 and peret
    X2 and peret

    I hope "Taking Back My Re-apology To Dream" video doesn't come

  • AlphaC0re

    i like how you say there are many elements that drove you to do it and there’s just a png of money. and i like now beneath the mask started playing when you talked about his song.

  • AlphaC0re

    there should be a playlist for this

  • BigBrotherMateyka

    Sick of all the shenanigans, the bullshit, and the drama. Lesson learned: *don't cheat.*


    Maybe ten months later: re taking back my apology

  • The Nuclear Bong
    The Nuclear Bong

    was that the real dr. dream saying he likes dr. phil cause dunkey is in fact not a dr. himself?

  • yuuki konno
    yuuki konno

    Damn this is deep as the Marianas trench

  • yuuki konno
    yuuki konno


  • SRDF

    Why is he singing about damascus?

  • Foxar Man
    Foxar Man

    Dream is an egotistical person stuck in his own head. He always think he’s right even when he’s wrong. He never fully owns up to anything (his terrible stans, and cheating) always taking the passive way and almost acting like he’s a victim.. he’s shallow and boring and people only care about him because he’s good at Minecraft and decent at sound design while he sits there thinking he’s a revolutionary genius. Dunky, don’t let him get off with this stuff with a punch to the shoulder and don’t play into him. Flame me if you want, I’ll know you’re as shallow as dream and I won’t respond.

    • Drarer Disl
      Drarer Disl

      truer words have never been said

    • Foxar Man
      Foxar Man

      @FilmsMusicLife thank you, I agree

    • FilmsMusicLife


  • Bella Erikson
    Bella Erikson


  • Bloop loop
    Bloop loop

    if dream wasnt famous the mask song would be a meme im cringing so bad at it

  • Scarfy

    "I need you, dunkey" Can be taken incredibly out of context.

  • ItzGoober

    Never trust a guy that uses light mode on youtube

  • Jonathan Aultman
    Jonathan Aultman

    why do you talk like that

  • Amjeen Tahir
    Amjeen Tahir

    I can’t tell if he’s joking or not anymore. This is too funny for me to take it seriously 😭

    • FilmsMusicLife

      if you were a bit older and knew who dunkey actually is from 2012, youd know every video he makes is sarcastic. Every single one.

  • hermolicious84

    Damn I can't believe that Dr. Phil would do Dunkey dirty like that

  • Nabella Nugget
    Nabella Nugget

    oh my god the ending made me choke on the coffee i was drinking >:V

  • Bradur

    guys. is he still doing low quality 1:30 long mc videos?

  • Yeeee boi coming for you
    Yeeee boi coming for you


  • YeeterMcEater

    This made me cry more than Zuko reuniting with Iroh

  • YeeterMcEater

    Ik ur mind bro, u r being sarcastic again

  • Malik Suarez
    Malik Suarez


  • Soumyajit Saha
    Soumyajit Saha

    What the hell! People see this shit daily! Really😩

  • Yoke kiew Seh
    Yoke kiew Seh

    I am so confused 😕

  • James Weeks
    James Weeks

    I mean someone cheating doesn’t mean there a bad person

  • tutin

    My man liked youtube rewind 2018 just for this video 😔✊

  • David Blowers
    David Blowers

    TOLD U

    • FilmsMusicLife


  • eioshen boboi
    eioshen boboi

    "speedrun Persona 5... Royal" I wouldn't wish that even on my worst enemies

  • Anonymous User
    Anonymous User

    I feel like this "sarcasm" is just him covering up that he was wrong

    • Monty

      Dunkey is sarcastic in every video that’s the whole point

  • Chris Crowell
    Chris Crowell

    This channel has gone downhill since he stopped doing Among Us Tuesdays

    • fungling

      No he is still covering the latest dramas its ok. we can rest easy knowning donkey has the dramas covered

  • BallHeadFreak

    I absolutely hate the fact that this sperglord and cheater has a much nicer and smoother voice than me.

    • eioshen boboi
      eioshen boboi

      im sorry if I was mean

  • Charming

    You are being sarcastic.

  • Yoga Prathap
    Yoga Prathap

    This man is something else 😂 How can someone be this sarcastic? This is illegal.

  • basicallyI'mJoe

    I like how Dream tried to collab with dunkey and he just refused

  • bcvbb hyui
    bcvbb hyui

    Ah, playing “Beneath the Mask” while talking about Dreams song “Mask”, a good reference.

  • Amazing Edits
    Amazing Edits

    2.5 dislikes 💀 definitely know who those are from

  • Background Character
    Background Character

    I think both the stans and the antis would enjoy the Persona 5 speedrun: For the haters, it’s punishment, and for the stans, it’s content

  • Reece Roco
    Reece Roco

    HAHAHA. okay it was drama for yhe first half then i laughed way too hard on the end. "Persona 5....royal" i was like "not bad of a game" just to say never played persona ever but i know its a great game.) But laughed way too hard when i saw the main story hours. 🤣 keeep it up dunkey! Hope to see this 103 hour episode with dream.

    • bcvbb hyui
      bcvbb hyui

      Dream = The most known Cheater of all Time. This wont change only because People try to be cool with him.

  • ChrisAce117

    Who is Dream

  • Hecker

    Can you Re-Oops it?

  • Gareth Evans
    Gareth Evans

    Dunkey, it's because of the normal pills. That's why there is 370k dislike, It has started an entire controversey

  • StarApple


  • Tgx 42
    Tgx 42

    Bruh dunkey and dream are just mocking the internet at this point and i am all for it

  • 林洋右Jimmy

    dream didn't cheat ok bruh

    • Hugo Wiberg
      Hugo Wiberg


    • Hajar

      Dream literally admitted that he cheated, have you been living under a rock for the past couple weeks or are you just trolling?

  • Theodore Kimi
    Theodore Kimi

    im sorry if I was mean

  • Dante the son of sparda
    Dante the son of sparda

    The 9th circle of satire/sarcasm

  • Sohkka


  • Chuninja

    Ok watched the whole video and now ima find the taking back my re apology

  • Okay Okey
    Okay Okey

    I really like how he was sarcastic of being sarcastic to being sarcastic.

  • XxpromlggamerxX !
    XxpromlggamerxX !

    This should become a full on series

  • Brittany Crawford
    Brittany Crawford

    This is what this ISdownsr get I liked subednan all

  • Brittany Crawford
    Brittany Crawford

    Stupid dream

    • fungling

      @Ender Charge this comment section is the haters club it's just that most of us are being sarcastic except brittany

    • Ender Charge
      Ender Charge

      Go to haters club

    • Ender Charge
      Ender Charge


  • Sönke Hamester
    Sönke Hamester

    Dream = The most known Cheater of all Time. This wont change only because People try to be cool with him.

  • Hải Long Trần
    Hải Long Trần


  • zijuiy wttuy
    zijuiy wttuy

    Every time I see dream and his mask I just think of the crying wojak meme

  • No One
    No One

    if the dream stans say something which IS right the haters are like ‘oh they’ll are 5 year old children’ like wtf. Have you ever even thought about that. You guys shouldnt do all this. This is fucking terrible. Bullying, Harassing, blaming and all that shit. Why do you do that. It hurts.

    • fungling

      @No One I think the main reason people hate dream aside from him and his fans being annoying is that he handled the drama really poorly.

    • Joshify

      Aand the one speaking has a dream pfp and is defending dream stans. And even when they ARE right, that doesn’t make them a better person for all the horrible shit they’ve done to other creators.

    • No One
      No One

      .Now the dream haters will be like ‘stfu’ ‘he cheated’ ‘ur a kid’. This is terrible

  • No One
    No One

    if the dream stans say something which IS right the haters are like ‘oh they’ll are 5 year old children’ like wtf. Have you ever even thought about that. You guys shouldnt do all this. This is fucking terrible. Bullying, Harassing, blaming and all that shit. Why do you do that. It hurts.

    • Hajar

      @Ender Charge ???

    • Ender Charge
      Ender Charge

      @Hajar did you watch the full video? Probably goes to bad stuff of a fucking duck ass

    • Hajar

      Both of you are idiots, this is a goddamm joke video

    • Ender Charge
      Ender Charge

      This is re apologize idiot

  • SomeThingWeird YT
    SomeThingWeird YT

    im praying for dunkey and dream to speedrun persona 5 royal

  • Jeff Mcgiver
    Jeff Mcgiver

    My brain hurts

  • M Febrian Putra
    M Febrian Putra

    "i didnt lie" yeah definitely dream, definitely

  • Joanna

    persona 5 in the background.

  • Ξ  JΣΜG Ξ
    Ξ JΣΜG Ξ



    dunkey, you messed up with the "anti-ration" image. the image has even more dislikes bra. anyway the joke inception level here is so deep gonna have to take out my Totem, make sure i'm not in a dream...[insert troll face smile meme here]

    • fungling

      so true

  • Jason Spezza
    Jason Spezza

    "it's me dream" welp came from the frogs mouth.

    • fungling

      @Jason Spezza yes i am being sarcastic

    • Jason Spezza
      Jason Spezza

      @Joanna I take it you're being sarcastic?

    • Joanna

      My brain hurts with all the layers of sarcasm

  • MLM5

    So... this was all a huge bait.

  • Darin Zullo
    Darin Zullo

    I thought it couldn't become any more of a masterpiece... then he spliced in Dr. Phil

  • bacongrave

    Where’s the retaking the reapology

  • Gix124

    I love how dream and dunkey have made an effort to confuse the shit out of their own fans

  • Nick Zakrath
    Nick Zakrath


  • Felix T
    Felix T


  • Drop Bear
    Drop Bear

    im confused

    • Random Stuff
      Random Stuff

      One word, satire

  • bennayboy

    This has been a roller-coaster of emotions for me. I don't know if I can trust Dream anymore. Maybe I'll begin to trust him again once he actually comes around to speedrunning Persona 5 Royal.

    • David

      Speedrunning persona 5 royal is a fate worse than hell


    pretty unrelated, but i love hearing “beneath the mask” from persona 5 in the background of videos all over this site lol, its so instantly recognizable and perfect for commentary

  • Blehbl Blehbl
    Blehbl Blehbl

    Just know that a lot of us Dream fans love you haha

  • Everything Music
    Everything Music

    Ah....persona 5 music 🎶 😊

  • Marcus Woods
    Marcus Woods

    Dunkey originally started off as a Minecraft ISdownsr because of Dream, so I already knew he would never truly be able to denounce his idol.

  • serry ciok
    serry ciok

    persona 5 in the background.

  • Ok_uh_eli_I_guess

    My brain hurts with all the layers of sarcasm

  • Spicynuggets2007

    4:24 BTS chicken nugget meal in the bottom right corner lmfao

  • runscape scape
    runscape scape

    is this like a love/hate relationship?

    • fungling

      sarcastic hate

  • Always_laggginnn

    Please do a “Dunkey reacts to dreams reaction of Dunkeys re-apology video of dream reacting to Dunkeys anti-apology video”

  • Mr Big Brain
    Mr Big Brain

    I think we all know he was being sarcastic

  • Toblobs

    This is actually the matrix but it’s Minecraft Dream do be speed running dislikes on YT